About Us

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder’s Pacific Nerve is the newest sound in Alternative Pop. After fine tuning their writing style and live performance as members of one of Colorado’s pop punk bands, Rain In July (including performances alongside bands such as State Champs, Set It Off, and Metro Station) Griffin Tobey, Yuta Young, and Ethan Knight have re-branded to create Pacific Nerve, a brand new band bringing a tasteful alternative flavor to the pop world. From the very first single titled “Bliss”, Pacific Nerve aims to deliver a heart pumping, passionate pop sound into the veins of people everywhere.

Griffin Tobey

Lead Vocals

Griffin has been singing his entire life. Growing up in middle school and high school choirs, he found his voice. After playing in his first rock bands throughout high school, he developed an affinity for writing lyrics, a love for words that has driven his life ever since. Now, he’s writing his favorite lyrics while singing his favorite melodies in Pacific Nerve.

Yuta Young

Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals

Yuta began playing guitar when he was 12 years old, and has played in many different bands since, including summer camp bands, jazz bands, and many different projects he embarked on with good friends. Growing up, he never expected himself to be using what he learned in guitar lessons on a real stage with other band mates, but feels blessed that he has the opportunity to currently share the stage with such talented musicians.

Ethan Knight


Ethan started playing the drums when he was 10 years old. He began performing a year later at summer camps and school talent shows. Since then, he has been in many bands of all styles. He was in his high school jazz band throughout all four years as well. Writing drum parts, performing, and creative musical collaboration are his biggest passions. All his musical endeavors have broadened his horizons, including his taste, creativity, and ability. More importantly, he has realized the positive impact that music not only has on his life, but that his music has on others. He is grateful to be able to play with great musicians and such good friends.